Aves Specta ⋅ Est. 1999

Aves specta means "Watch birds!"

It is an emphatic recommendation, not a demand.

Why Aves Specta?

I registered this domain with a particular aim. Many feathers have scattered since. See how they drift so gently, suspended in such light air.

Who's Behind Aves Specta?

Scott Richardson. To be specific: LinkedIn | BlueSky | Facebook

What is Aves Specta Today?

A business card and portal. I take on projects—various kinds. Get in touch.

Where To?

When you're done here, go watch birds of course! Then tell me about it. If you're in the neighborhood, here's some birds you might see. Let me know if you need a guide.

Optionally, how about one of these links: Precipitation Reports | MaineSat | Wells Reserve at Laudholm

oh! look! bird!

Photograph of a ruby-crowned kinglet. It is a public domain image obtained from WikiMedia Commons
Keep it simple, they say.