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Louis Dinkel gravestone

Louis DinkelAge: 33 years18851918

Louis Dinkel
Given names
Birth April 16, 1885

MarriageChristina May MurpheyView this family
July 8, 1918 (Age 33 years)

Death October 26, 1918 (Age 33 years)
Family with Christina May Murphey - View this family
Marriage: July 8, 1918
Raymond Mathew Whisman + Christina May Murphey - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: March 25, 1921Chico, California
16 months
2 years
Evelyn Whisman
Birth: September 6, 1924 27 28Chico, California
Death: November 22, 2001Redding, California

One story goes that Louis married Chrisie, but felt that "she was not the person he thought she was". He thought she was "nuts". He apparently committed suicide, but this has not been confirmed. Another story is that he did not want to go to Germany to fight in WWI. Stories related by Ev Robinson
DELIRIOUS WITH INFLUENZA STOCKMAN SUICIDES Louis Dinkle. well known in Tehama county and for five years in charge of the cattle on the Diamond Range, committed suicide in the Golden Eagle hotel in Redding Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock while suffering with influenza. His wife left the room on an errand and had been gone about thirty minutes when the fever crazed man secured a rope from the skylight and hanged himself. Mr. Dinkel started across the mountains last Wednesday for Trinity county for a hand of cattle. On the way he became sick and returned to Redding, He took a room at the Golden Eagle and sent for his wife who was at Rosewood. She went at once to his bedside. She had remained constantly in attendance on him until she left the room Saturday to do some errand on the street. She had been gone probably half an hour and on her return was horrified to find her husband had hanged himself, his lifeless body swinging from the skylight. Mr. Dinkel was thirty-three years old and had been in perfect health up to the time he was stricken with influenza. His wife, who was formerly Miss Christine Murphy, a Shasta county school teacher, survives him. Mrs. Robert Alford. Mrs. Charles Tipton and Mrs. Della Yates, all of Shasta county, are sisters. Earnest Dinkel, now in France, is a brother. Red Bluff Daily News, Volume XXXIV, Number 301, 27 October 1918
Stock Man Commits Suicide by Hanging Louis Dinkel, Well Known in Tehama, Trinity and Shasta, Despondent Over Sickness. The Union’s Northern California Newsservice Special to the Union. REDDING. (Shasta Co.). Oct, 26. — Louis Dinkel, well-known stockman of Tehama, and Trinity counties, arrived in Redding, accompanied by his wife "Wednesday' evening and stopped at the Golden Eagle hotel. Late Saturday afternoon Dinkel decided that life was not worth living and committed suicide by hanging himself with skylight rope to the window sill in the room. After kissing his wife goodby when she left for the dentist to have dental work done, Dinkel immediately arranged for his execution by standing up on the edge of the bed. He tied the rope around his neck then he stepped off the bed, the end of his toes just touching" the floor. Mrs. Dinkel returned one hour later and found her husband hanging at the end of the rope dead. Dinkel had been ill ten days with the Spanish influenza, and it is thought that he became despondent from fear of the epidemic. He is survived by two brothers and three sisters: John Dinkel of Baldhills. Ernest Dinkel of the U. S. army in France, Mrs. Charles Tipton of Gaspoint. Mrs. Delia Tates of Dunsmuir and Mrs. Robert Alford of Rosewood. The decedent was born at Rosewood. Tehama county, 33 years ago. He had many relatives residing throughout northern California. Sacramento Union, Volume 204, Number 57, 27 October 1918
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